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So how do we choose which artworks to use for our prints?

Selling prints - much like being Spiderman - comes with a great responsibility. In the case of Derby-related prints there's such a wealth of incredible artists and creators that it can sometimes be hard choosing what print to release next. There are a few things we consider though and we'd thought we'd let you into that decision making process.

Bridge Gate in 1922 by William Edwin Mosley - A4 Art Print
Iron Gate c.1865 by Louise Rayner

  1. Copyright - this is the first thing we check before we even move on to anything else. Simply put - is the image out of copyright and in the public domain? If it isn't then we simply move on to the next image.

  2. If it's an image of a painting, who was the artist? - now whoever the artist is, it's obviously more important that the artwork is appealing. That being said, some artists, such as Alfred John Keene and Ernest Townsend, are known to be more popular locally.

  3. Will the artwork be okay for an A4 format? We sell all our prints in an A4 format for the convenience of our customers and we do this for a simple reason - nobody really wants an odd-shaped assortment of prints on their wall. We therefore need to make sure the artwork is suitable for that format. We don't mind giving it ever such a slight trim but don't want to do anything drastic to it.

  4. Is the view in the artwork recognisable? Strangely enough even though this is a consideration - people generally prefer a bygone view they can recognise even if the modern-day view has changed somewhat - it's not always a no if the view isn't recognisable. Sometimes people do like seeing a well-known area of Derby in an unrecognisable fashion.

  5. Does the artwork fit in with our ethos? We'd like to think that everything we release has an understated elegance to it and we like to make sure any artwork we use fits in with that ethos.

As you can see there's plenty of considerations that we take into account, and yet even after all of them it can often be a hunch that leads us to pick a particular piece of artwork.

Take the view above for example. It's a wonderful painting that will be available from January 2024 but the view itself would be unrecognisable today. Only the church to the right - St. Mary's - remains, the rest was swept away for a ring road in the late 60's. All that being said it's our hunch that this will be a bestseller with both people who remember Bridge Gate like that, and the people who don't.

And our reasoning for this? Well it's twofold. Firstly St. Mary's acts an anchor for people in this picture. It allows them to recognise the area the photo was taken in - even if they don't remember it looking like that.

Secondly - it's such a beautiful painting!

Perhaps when push to comes to shove it's our local knowledge of both the area and the people that help us choose - and perhaps that why you should consider buying from us if you're looking for Derby-themed prints. We're Derby-born, Derby-bred and Derby-based.

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