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Hello from the Derbyshire Bazaar - A little bit about who we are.

First of all let's start by introducing myself.

My name is David and I run the Derbyshire Bazaar Online Store.

The chances are that you're one of two types of visitor that has arrived here - both of which are incredibly welcome and appreciated.

The first type is someone who knows all about Derby Uncovered - the company who owns the Derbyshire Bazaar - and the second type is, of course, someone who doesn't.

Regardless of which type of visitor you are, it's worth reading on as I give you the complete background of how this online store full of Derby-related nostalgia came to be.

First things first, we don't just sell things related to Derby - and by "we" I mean myself and our other full-timer Steve - we are a Derby-born, Derby-bred and Derby-based business. Also, we don't just run an online shop as part of what we do. There's lots more elements and they are:

The Derby Uncovered Newspaper front cover.
The Derby Uncovered Newspaper

Our newspaper goes out every two months and is full of fascinating and fun history and heritage about Derby and its surrounds.

Subscriptions to our newspaper - which is free by the way as you only pay for the postage and packaging - can be found on our store either through the Shop menu or by clicking here.

On top of that we also run some pretty cool events. As we do with our newspaper, we make sure they're not just full of history - which they are - but they're also presented in a way where it never feels like a history lesson.

An image promoting a series of Tales from the Gaol events
The Tales from the Gaol Events with Richard Felix.

Currently we're promoting five fantastic events - there were six, but one has already sold out - that we are doing in partnership with the legendary Richard Felix. All of the events have their own theme, and all of them are hosted in the surviving portion of what was Derby's County Gaol from 1756 to 1828. It's Derby most unique - and spookiest - venue, and you can find tickets to these events on our store by clicking here.

On top of that we have a fantastic website which is is the premiere site on the internet dedicated to the history and heritage of Derby and its surrounds - as well as a vibrant Facebook and Instagram.

Finally we also run a Community Interest Company that is dedicated to revitalising empty city-centre properties in Derby - particularly in Derby's historic Cathedral Quarter - and you can find that by clicking here.

Here though, is of course, all about the opportunity for you to buy your own slice of Derby nostalgia. Our Derby-related Prints are second-to-none including some wonderful prints from the Goodey Collection by artists such as Alfred John Keene, Ernest Townsend and Henry Lark Pratt. You can check those particular prints out by clicking here.

I'll go into our various print collections in the next blog post - for now I'll encourage you to browse - but if you have any questions or queries then feel free to contact me at

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